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Crossword Game Cheater

Crossword Game Cheater

Too impatient to find that obscure, high scoring word while playing that trademarked crossword board game? Your opponents still pestering you to finish your turn, even though they've let you flip through a dictionary?

I have been working on a crossword game program. Here, you may download and test what I have done so far.


In the following screenshot, a bingo (seven-tile play) is possible. Can you find it?

Crossword Game Cheater screenshot


This program will only find all legal moves given a rack of letters and a board. I will slowly but surely add more features, such as scoring and a computer opponent.

You should be able to figure out how the program works.



Although this program has been written in Java, it will only work on Windows as-is. This means that if your operating system is not Windows, you'll have to do a little bit more work.


  1. Install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if you haven't already done so. Go to the following page to get a JRE: If you find this page overwhelming, then go to this page: Click the DOWNLOAD link underneath the JRE column, and in the Windows (U.S. English only) or Windows (all languages, including English) row. Follow the directions on the page.
  2. Download the Crossword Game Cheater and unzip it into a directory. Run the batch file crossword.bat.

All other operating systems

These instructions assume that you have some understanding of developing Java applications. Note that I haven't tested these instructions.

  1. Go to the following site to download and install the Eclipse platform:
  2. Download the Crossword Game Cheater and unzip it into a directory. There will be one .jar file among the unzipped files. In Eclipse, import that .jar file into a new project.
  3. Refer to the Eclipse's help files regarding standalone applications that use SWT. You will have to modify the Java build and library paths.
  4. Execute the class com.verbavolant.gamegui.MainWindow with one argument, the file name of the dictionary. In this case, the name is enable_dict.dat.